About Us

Dry Clean Xpress is the foremost logical concept to adhering to dry cleaning and laundry needs for your clothing. We offer great pricing, dry cleaning and alteration services all in one area.

Dry Clean Xpress understands how a trivial task like laundry can overwhelm an individual. We get it, we really do. So we decided it would make the most sense to create a solution that allows families more time with each other instead of in their respective laundry rooms. Dry Clean Xpress is a concept born out of need for more time in the daily schedule.

Dry Clean Xpress is a unique experience in laundry services, from pickup to delivery, dry cleaning and alterations to your clothing, we've got you covered. Plus, a super flexible schedule to accommodate your needs. Did we mention that we are affordable, ensure quality and take extra good care of your clothing?

We're all about you relaxing and enjoying your time doing what needs to get done without the worry of a pesky chore like laundry.